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 Writing a story, need to put it somewhere.

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Writing a story, need to put it somewhere. Empty
PostSubject: Writing a story, need to put it somewhere.   Writing a story, need to put it somewhere. I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 10:54 pm

This is the before-the-story-intro-thing-with-too-many-hyphens-to-describe-it thing:

There was a time when I could look out and look at the stars glistening against the silk sky. I could stand there, weightless in the soft gentle glow of the Moon's kind glow. I would forget time existed, forget about stress of school, forget about the hatred of the world against itself. Calm. Quiet. Nothing existed except for myself and the sky, and I was forever floating in it.

That hasn't been the case, though. There was a meteor shower about the middle of April. I think that was five months ago, I've lost track of time since then. It was beautiful, but nobody listening to the 'fancy men with degrees'. Nobody paid attention the the warnings and fears. Nobody. Everybody wanted to see the 'firefall', as my cousin put it. Jed had been talking about it since the astrological report.

"Dude, I'm going to take as many picture as I can. Kat would love to see the images, I'm sure". Kat was his girlfriend. Only 16 years of age, her and Jed, 17, were very close. She loved art, and he loved photography. " I could used my HDR+ mode and get a damn good resolution"

There was no excitement anymore. The firewall lasted around eighty seconds. Fifty seconds in, there was a sharp bang, and heaven separated from earth. The sky was gone. Smoke filled the air, and the lungs of the world. I live about twenty eight miles from the focal point of the incident. I watched the glitter of the stars shift from white, to grey, to black. Darker than the normality of the ink in the night sky. The stars are still burning, bleached into my eyes whenever I close them. The moon isn't though. Ever since it turned dark, almost black as the stars, but it was still a taste of blue, its been scarred into my mind as the newly painted color.

Maybe I went crazy, I had something I lusted after and lost it. It was a beautiful sight, a beautiful feeling. It was, I swear it was, but the moon is gone from my memory. Sudden and instant perforation from my mind, its torn my heart as well.

They are inanimate, and long gone. I will never see them again, yet I curse the meteors. The fire that fell from heaven. The light that created darkness.

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Writing a story, need to put it somewhere.
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